At A&J Demolition/Asbestos removal and disposal limited we are committed to the safe removal and transportation of hazardous materials. 

We aim to exceed industry standards.

Our qualified Tauranga based team of experts takes a "safety led" approach to the work. Safety always comes first when it comes to dealing with this particularly dangerous material.

We aim to provide a reliable service, where you can be confident in the fact that your worksite is safe and there is no risk to those working or residing at the property.

Even away from the work site we are committed to safety, ensuring the waste is appropriately disposed of.

Our range of services includes both small and large projects including small parcel pick ups.

We are committed to safety, no matter the size of the job. We provide removal of flat and corrugated fibre sheeting roofing, gutters, eves, fencing, vinyl, floor tiles and any other building materials which may contain asbestos.


Our Staff in Tauranga are trained and qualified in  Asbestos removal with 20 plus years experience in the industry.

We have extensive knowledge in the removal of these hazardous materials and we are fully licensed and insured for demolition and Asbestos removal.

We transport across New Zealand, fully compliant with New Zealand regulations.